XirriX® Diagnostic Client & Teleradiology Solution

Designed at the outset with teleradiology in mind, our system outperforms existing distributed solutions in efficiency and usability. Our team of in-house developers have the software engineering skills and technical expertise to integrate our products into your existing business workflow regardless of the size of your organisation.

Turnkey Solution for Teleradiology



Upgrading to the latest technology involves substantial capital investment.

It can be difficult and costly to integrate new technology with existing workflows.

The downtime to install new technology can be extensive and disruptive.

New systems require all users to be re-trained, resulting in further downtime.


By switching to Cirrus Medical, our users enjoy zero capital investment. This applies to independent radiologists through to multi-site radiology networks. As an added benefit, all of our products have the ability to scale as your business grows, allowing you to only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Advanced software engineering and technical expertise enable our team to integrate our product into the existing business work-flow of any organisation, of any size.

On installation day, it’s business as usual. We ensure the seamless integration of our solutions with your existing systems, with zero downtime and minimal disruption.

Best of all, our system is user-friendly. Utilising the latest cloud technologies and modern user experience, our system outperforms existing distributed solutions in efficiency and ease of use.

Lossless Compression & Image Archiving



Medical imaging demands compression techniques that do not result in data loss. This means file sizes can be very large resulting in high costs to transfer and store images.

Bandwidth limitations can impact the rate of data being transferred. With lower bandwidth systems, there are limits on how much data can be sent, interfering with usability and productivity.


Cirrus Medical has developed a proprietary lossless compression algorithm that provides up to a 6-fold reduction in file size, doubling the efficiency of the current industry standard of 2 to 3 fold.

Higher compression leads to reduced bandwidth requirements, allowing for faster delivery of images to radiologists and ensuring quicker turnaround times.

VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) storage requirements are reduced when switching to smaller file size. Resulting in big savings on capital and operational costs.

Cloud Architecture & Robust Security



Traditional distributed radiology systems require restrictive capital investment and can be too costly for individuals and small operations.

It is assumed that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides the security required for sensitive medical data. In reality, a VPN increases the liability for security breaches by providing multiple potential entry points into the network.


The Cirrus Medical Cloud provides a reliable, scalable and cost effective solution for radiology
practices and institutions of any size. 

With Cirrus Medical, the highest performance and bandwidth are available at all times. Ensuring maximum up-time without the investment in costly tech support.

Multiple layers of encryption and password protection are utilised to give clients peace of mind knowing that their patient data is always secure.

Industry-leading encryption standards and secure transfer protocols ensure patient data is protected at all times, in transit and at rest.

Advanced Diagnostic Viewer



PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) technology has become standard in medical practice but the legacy technology can lead to inconveniences for users.

Current distributed server side rendering requires dedicated high bandwidth to operate effectively as a reporting solution.


The XirriX® Diagnostic Viewer features a user-focused, intuitive design, built in collaboration with radiologists and other medical professionals.

The system includes image manipulation and annotation tools, medical speech recognition
and dictation, as well as work-list management and report templates.

Radiologists also have direct access to advanced visualisation tools, such as, multi-planar
reconstructions (MPR) and image overlays.

XirriX® is easy to use, operates on low bandwidth and effectively improves efficiency of the reporting work-flow, and increases productivity.

Web Portal & Web Viewer



Radiologists have been reliant on cumbersome diagnostic applications that can only be accessed on specific terminals.

Offsite access to medical images and files is not possible from any location without significant
investment of time and resources in setting up the required infrastructure.


After extensive research, we bring the intuitive interface of the XirriX® Diagnostic Viewer to the web.

Utilising the Cirrus Medical Cloud to securely store images and a fast loading web application,
authenticated access is possible from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Access to images from any device is easily achievable via a XirriX® web link or URL embedded in the report or electronic medical record.

There are endless possibilities for customised patient and referrer portal solutions.

Enterprise Services



Modern medical software requirements are demanding and constantly evolving.

Every business has different needs that require different solutions.


We are enterprise focused and can cater for your needs by offering customised solutions that meet the requirements of your business size and existing workflows.

All our products, processes and services are developed to economically scale as a radiology business grows. Our software evolves as the business does.

We welcome new feature requests and the opportunity to solve unique problems that a business may encounter.